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"McAfee combines solid performance--especially adware protection--with an easy-to-navigate interface."

"McAfee monitors and detects changes targeted by devious spyware to your PC's system files and Internet security settings.

It is one of the few proactive anti-spyware apps on the market, often prompting you with warnings before potential spyware loads on your system."

"McAfee bills VirusScan Plus 2007 as its three-in-one security solution--antivirus, firewall, and antispyware--and we found that it does even more. Included within are system diagnostic tools to shred deleted files and defragment your hard drive; various network monitoring tools; and McAfee's own antisphishing tool, SiteAdvisor."

Free McAfee Spyware Scan for Users

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Trusted by millions worldwide...

McAfee protects over 130 million computers worldwide.

Blocks Spyware & Adware.

Stops Viruses.

Integrated Browser Shield - Block hackers and spyware at the point of entry.

Shields your PC around the clock: always on, always updating, always protecting your PC with real-time updates.

FREE Customer Support.

The McAfee Advantage

Unfortunately spyware keeps getting more and more elaborate and the average spyware programs aren’t enough to fully protect you. Today's sophisticated, multi-pronged attacks often involve spyware, virus, hacker and other Internet security threats.

Be warned - most spyware scans will not detect ALL of these threats.

The McAfee Advantage: Our powerful scan performs 7 different deep scans to locate problems with spyware, viruses, Internet threats and more.


Why risk your identity, privacy and more?

While you may have remained untouched in the past, in reality, without advanced security, you're leaving everything right out in the open! So why risk exposing your credit card information, social security number or the general health of your PC for even one more day?

Scan your PC now for spyware, adware, viruses and other Internet threats.

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