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Do you often share your digital photos online?

Oftentimes the photos we want to share with family, friends and co-workers are just too big to send over email and those online photo albums are so complicated. If you are able to send them - be warned that large files can clog the receiver's email inbox.

SnapZip's Advanced Photo Compression can help
SnapZip exclusively features advanced photo compression. When Zipping and emailing SnapZip will ask you if you want to compress your photos to screen quality, thus making the attachment up to 5 times smaller! This is an exclusive feature only available in SnapZip and can't be found in WinZip, PKZip or other competitors.

Large Baby Photo

Original Photo was 5 MB
and took 67 seconds to email.

After SnapZip, it's now 1.2 MB
and takes 13 seconds to email.

How SnapZip helps you with photos
Say goodbye to error messages because photos are too big to send
With this simple to use program, you can email multiple pictures in just minutes. And SnapZip features exclusive tools that automatically reduce your images for even faster sending and receiving.

Instantly attach your Zip file to an email
Simply press the "Zip and Email button" and your Zip file is attached to a blank email - ready for you to send.

These days so many of us use free email accounts like Hotmail and Yahoo that have small account sizes. Using SnapZip to zip your photos means your friends and family are more likely to receive them. They'll even thank you for not clogging up their inboxes! Now sharing your wedding photos, baby pictures, special memories and more is a snap.

Archive your existing photos
Do you have lots of photos stored on your PC? You can drastically free up disk space in just minutes. Use SnapZip to zip large photos into smaller files and clear up space on your PC. Your sluggish PC will go from crawling to hauling in no time.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed:

We guarantee that SnapZip will provide easy zipping and unzipping or we will give you your money back! If for any reason you are not satisfied with SnapZip, just let us know within 30 days of purchase and we will refund your money. Just visit us at http://www.winferno.com/re/support.asp.

Customer Care: The Winferno Software Team provides support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visit us at http://winferno.com/re/support.asp if you need help.

Get faster emails and smaller files with SnapZip!

This easy-to-use zip utility creates smaller files - fast! And now that it's integrated into Outlook, SnapZip can automatically zip all of your attachments.

While there are lots of zip utilities available, only SnapZip features advanced photo compression, includes Outlook integration (unlike other programs that charge you an add-on price for this feature!) and it's specifically designed for Windows. When you start to examine all the features and easy to use interface, there's just no comparison. Why settle for anything less?

Get everybody's favorite zip program SnapZip for only $19.95 - that's $20 off!

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