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Zip & Unzip Files with SnapZip

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SnapZip Benefits:

  • Features advanced photo compression
    SnapZip exclusively features advanced photo compression. When Zipping and emailing SnapZip asks you if you want to compress your photos to screen quality, thus making the attachment even smaller! This is an exclusive feature only available in SnapZip and won’t be found in WinZip, PKZip or other competitors.

  • Creates Smaller Email Attachments
    Using SnapZip to zip your files makes them up to 5 times smaller than they once were! This makes them easier to send over email - guaranteed. SnapZip even has a feature that automatically attaches your "zipped" file to an email.

  • New! Integrates with Microsoft Outlook
    You can set SnapZip to automatically integrate with your Outlook email. If you send large pictures or large attachments, SnapZip automatically compresses them for you - without having to leave Outlook! This means your emails are faster to send. It’s also faster for the person who receives your email!

  • Back up important documents and information stored on your PC
    Backing up your files is easier than you think! Creating smaller zip files allows you to save them on fewer disks or CD’s and saves you clutter, money and time. This important feature means you never again worry about losing your important files and photos!

  • Get more space on your PC
    You can drastically free up disk space in just minutes! Zipping your files makes them as much as 5 times smaller than they once were. Best yet, when you go to Un-Zip your files, they are in the exact same format as when you Zipped them. This means that you can edit and change them.

  • Compatibility
    You can rest assured that the Zip files you create are a standard format that is compatible with everyone's computer. SnapZip opens both Zip and WinZip formats.

  • Simple to Use
    Our simple to use interface requires virtually no learning curve! Anyone from retirees to students to tech savvy office users, can become a Zipping Pro in just minutes!

  • One Click Zipping and Unzipping
    Zip and Unzip in one click!

  • New! Integrates with Microsoft Outlook

  • Wizards
    Wizards guide you step by step through zipping, unzipping and emailing.

  • Instantly attach a Zip file to an email
    Simply press the "Zip and Email button" and your Zip file will be attached to a blank email - ready for you to send.

  • Sort by file, folder, type, size or date

  • Group by file, folder, type, size or date

  • Automatically scans for viruses (requires McAfee VirusScan, Norton AntiVirus or other popular virus scanning software)

  • Create smaller files
    SnapZip creates Zip files that are up to 5 times smaller than the original file.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed:

We guarantee that SnapZip will provide easy zipping and unzipping or we will give you your money back! If for any reason you are not satisfied with SnapZip, just let us know within 30 days of purchase and we will refund your money. Just visit us at http://www.winferno.com/re/support.asp.

Customer Care: The Winferno Software Team provides support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visit us at http://winferno.com/re/support.asp if you need help.

Get faster emails and smaller files with SnapZip!

This easy-to-use zip utility creates smaller files - fast! And now that it's integrated into Outlook, SnapZip can automatically zip all of your attachments.

While there are lots of zip utilities available, only SnapZip features advanced photo compression, includes Outlook integration (unlike other programs that charge you an add-on price for this feature!) and it's specifically designed for Windows. When you start to examine all the features and easy to use interface, there's just no comparison. Why settle for anything less?

Get everybody's favorite zip program SnapZip for only $19.95 - that's $20 off!

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