Protect Your Computer In Just Minutes

The Internet Security Advisor recommends Secure IE and Private IE for
comprehensive PC Protection & Prevention.

  • Block Spyware and Adware at the point of entry using an integrated Browser Shield
  • Shred sensitive details stored on your PC, that hackers use to steal your identity
  • Detect and repair current security leaks
  • Block Popups

What's really stored on your PC?
If you're like most computer users, you probably use the Internet for banking, emails, shopping and even managing your finances and taxes.

Maybe you've...

  • Entered passwords, account numbers or your social security number into webpages?
  • Performed a job search while at work?
  • Sent confidential emails using web-based email (like Hotmail, Yahoo, etc)?

Did you know that your computer records these actions and stores them deep within your PC? If a hacker discovers a way to break into your PC, this is exactly the kind of information they'd be looking for!

In the past, you may have deleted your history or cleared your cache and thought that you were safe. Don't be fooled by this false sense of security! In reality, all you did was delete references to those files. The actual files still remain on your PC. And it doesn't take a computer genius to find them.

Would you like to protect all the personal information stored on your PC?

Don't panic - there's no need to give up the Internet conveniences you love. But you do have to protect yourself.

We are offering you the protection you need with powerful Secure IE Browser Security and Private IE. These award-winning programs work with your Internet to deep scan and automatically repair current problems. They proactively block and disarm many of the tools that hackers use to break into your PC.

Windows Vista & XP Users
Recommended for Windows Vista & XP, inlcuding the latest Windows XP Service Pack 2.

How does it work? And will it block hackers and spyware?

Secure IE Browser Security and Private IE block hundreds of risks including hackers, spyware, adware, drive-by-downloads and more.

By utilizing multiple lines of defense, Secure IE Browser Security and Private IE employ many layers of protection to safeguard your privacy and security.

 Award-winning Secure IE Browser Security protects your computer at the main point of external contact - your web browser - and tightly restricts what websites can and cannot do to you. Next, it deep scans your PC to detect gaps in your Internet security and then automatically fixes them so that hackers and spyware are blocked at the point of entry.

 Powerful Private IE destroys sensitive web records found on your PC. Web records are created when you surf the Internet and can contain private information such as your credit card numbers, social security numbers and more.

Padlock your Internet,
So Hackers stay out, and your personal information stays in.

Trusted by more than half a million PC users, Secure IE Browser Security and Private IE are easy to install and they immediately begin protecting you from hackers, spyware, adware, drive-by-downloads and more.

Top Features:
  • Detects and Repairs Critical PC Problems
    In one click Secure IE scans your PC, detects problems and automatically seals Internet security gaps.
  • Blocks Spyware and Adware using an integrated Browser Shield
  • Locates and Destroys Your Private Internet records (which can include credit card accounts, social security numbers and more)
  • Deletes the locked index.dat file, which contains a comprehensive record of your online activities.
    (Internet history, Internet cache and webpage cookies). This file cannot be manually deleted.
  • Blocks Pop-ups, which hackers can use to trick you into unknowingly downloading unwanted software
  • Restricts dangerous ActiveX to a Safelist
  • Automatic detection and configuration of security settings
  • Intercepts Malicious File Downloads
  • Virus-scans downloads (requires virus-scanning software, such as McAfee VirusScan)
  • Auto updates every 7 days so you stay one step ahead of hackers

Are Secure IE Browser Security and Private IE easy to use?

Yes! Whether you're a novice or an advanced user, everyone benefits from the multiple levels of protection found only in Secure IE Browser Security and Private IE.

If you're a novice user, simply install Secure IE Browser Security and choose to automatically tune up your PC. Secure IE then scans your computer and repairs Internet security problems. That's it! The rest of the work is done behind the scenes, leaving you to enjoy a safer, faster and better Internet.

If you're an advanced user and feel comfortable with security settings, Secure IE offers a powerful manual mode that allows you to customize your security. By using security zones, you can achieve multiple levels of security for individual websites.

Secure IE Browser Security and Private IE make it easy for everyone to enjoy a safer Internet.

What others are saying about us...
Secure IE and Private IE have received rave reviews from...

"Faster and
"Increases security
and privacy"
"Best and handling
piracy concerns"

"I looked around for a better security source and that's when I found out about Secure IE and Private IE. I read all about this product from top to bottom, I was satisfied with what I read, but still being a skeptic after I installed it I went to and had them try to find a leak in my system. They could not get in at all."
- David C.

"All of a sudden, I felt bombarded with these Windows Messenger pop-up ads after receiving about 15 one afternoon when I was on the Internet. I mentioned it to a friend and she suggested I contact Winferno as they know how to deal with web browser security issues[...]

I'm happy to say that Winferno was quick to help me and fixed my problem with a one-step download and I'm a very satisfied customer now."
- Walter P.

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