"Protect your system and your privacy when surfing the Web.

In our newly networked world, your Web browser is necessarily the one piece of software on your system most vulnerable to security breaches.

Secure IE is a security-heavy browser add-in that fortifies your defenses by blocking unauthorized ActiveX Controls, Java script, cookies and file downloads."

- PC World
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"A faster, safer way to surf the Internet"

- USA Today
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"Secure IE works with Internet Explorer but increases security and privacy"

- New York Times
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"Surfing made safer

SiteAdvisor draws from an enormous database of Web sites that have been checked out for spyware threats, malicious cookies, and questionable marketing ploys. Sitting quietly at the bottom of your browser, SiteAdvisor indicates the safety rating of your current site."

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Lock Your Internet with Secure IE.

Hackers, Spyware and Internet threats stay out. Your personal information stays in.

How safe is your Internet?
If you're like most computer users, you probably use the Internet for banking, emails, shopping and even managing your finances and taxes.

Unfortunately, without advanced security it has become increasingly easy for hackers and spyware to quietly sneak onto your PC. Once on your PC, they can steal identity, ruin your credit or worse.

Secure IE is the only browser on the market today that was specifically designed with security and privacy as our primary concern. It utilizes multiple lines of defense to protect your identity, your credit, your social security number and all the sensitive personal information stored on your PC. And to guarantee the latest protection, Secure IE comes with built in auto updates so you always stay one step ahead of hackers.

Secure IE Browser Security 2007
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Top Security Features:
  • Stop Hackers, Spyware and Phishing Scams in Their Tracks!
    Secure IE controls and restricts intrusive and potentially dangerous behavior from websites that you visit.
  • Detects and Repairs Critical Security Problems
    In one click Secure IE scans your PC, detects problems and automatically seals security gaps.
    • Enhances your online search by placing safety ratings next to search results.
    • Warns you about dangerous sites and search results with clear messages.
    • Provides you with all the details about a site's safety rating on request
  • Secure IE's Internet Security Manager:
    which automatically detects and configures your computer's Internet security settings. With Secure IE's Internet Security Manager you can easily categorize and organize sites based on how much you trust them.
  • Secure IE Browser Shield:
    Secure IE's Browser Shield filters out prohibited ActiveX Controls and other security risks.
  • Block pop-ups (including Windows Messenger ads), ActiveX and Flash with one click
  • AutoUpdate:
    Secure IE automatically downloads security updates from Winferno Software every 7 days.
  • Assign Security Zones:
    Easily restrict security privileges (Java, ActiveX, cookies, file downloads) for all but your most trusted sites.
  • New!Winferno Spyware + Virus Scanner:
    Secure IE 2007 now includes an integrated spyware and virus scanner. Accessed directly from your browser, you can scan your PC for dangerous spyware, virus and other security threats. (Note: Scan version only. Removing viruses and spyware requires the full version of McAfee VirusScan Plus).
  • Intercepts Malicious File Downloads
  • Virus-scans downloads(requires virus-scanning software, such as McAfee VirusScan)

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While you may have remained untouched in the past, in reality, without advanced security, you're leaving everything right out in the open! So why risk exposing your credit card information, social security number or the general health of your PC for even one more day?

The web can be a dangerous place. Stay safe with Secure IE Browser Security.

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