Safely and Effectively Scan and Clean Registry Errors

Is your PC slow, crashing frequently or generally acting strange?
These are all signs of damaged registry and should be repaired!

Over time, all registries collect unneeded files, orphaned paths, and other junk that can cause bothersome PC problems. At first these PC problems may just be a nuisance, but left as is, a damaged registry poses a threat to the entire structure of your PC.

By regularly running Registry Power Cleaner, you can easily keep your registry in check and prolong the life of your PC. The Complete Scan and Registry Report feature runs 16 deep scans to locate harmful errors.

Customized Registry Report

After Registry Power Cleaner has performed a scan, you get a comprehensive Registry Report with a list of your results. Choose to repair all errors or just check the ones you’d like to fix. Either way, you get expert registry fixes in just minutes.

Easily Edit Bothersome Start-up Programs

Is your PC slow when you first turn it on?
Do you have to wait for a bunch of programs to load?

This is because you have start-up features turned on for multiple programs. And until now, they may have been hard to turn off.

When you install new software you’re often given the option to have the program start-up when you turn on your computer. And while this may seem like a good option at the time, if you don’t use the program frequently, this can become a real nuisance because it slows down your PC. What’s worse - it’s often hard to find how to turn this feature off.

Registry Power Cleaner scans your PC and generates a list of your start-up programs. It’s simple! To turn off start-up features, just un-check the program.

Why take chances with your registry?
Use our Fee Registry Scan to locate registry errors on YOUR PC.

Scan & Fix PC Errors Now!

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