Does your PC have Registry Errors?

Using 16 deep scans, our Free Registry Scan will detect and locate harmful errors on your PC including problems with:
  • General Registry Integrity
  • Fonts
  • Shared DLLs
  • Start-Up Items
  • Uninstalled Programs
  • Virtual Devices
  • File Extensions
  • Components
  • Shortcuts
  • System Tools
  • Start Menu Items
  • Help Files
  • Application Paths
  • Type Libraries
  • Browser Helper Objects
  • File Associations

Your Customized Registry Report shows you a detailed report of your results and accesses your risk levels.

Is your PC slow and crashing frequently?
If so, a damaged registry is probably to blame. Registry Power Cleaner tested a relatively new computer and look at all the errors it found!

Unfortunately it doesn’t take long for a registry to become filled with errors. Simple tasks such as downloading new software and deleting programs really make the errors add up. And left un-cleaned, these errors can cause:

  • Slow PC performance
  • Frequent crashes
  • And serious structural damage to your PC

Is your registry causing PC problems?
Use our Free Registry Scan to find out.

Scan & Fix PC Errors Now!

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