Safely and Effectively Fix Registry Errors

Don't waste BIG BUCKS on a repairman!
Registry Power Cleaner fixes many PC
problems for a fraction of the cost.

Find & Safely Repair harmful registry errors that make your PC unstable.
Using a high performance algorithm, Registry Power Cleaner deep scans your PC to locate hard-to-find registry errors that cause system crashes and freezes. Next Registry Power Cleaner applies powerful fixes to stabilize your PC.

Clean your registry of unneeded entries that slow down your PC.
Overtime your registry becomes bogged down with unneeded files, orphaned references and other junk that can seriously slow down your PC. Registry Power Cleaner smartly analyzes your registry to determine what you need and what you don’t. It then recommends smart fixes to improve your overall PC speed.

Protect your PC with automatic back-ups.
Every time Registry Power Cleaner performs a cleaning, it automatically back-ups your registry. That way if you accidentally remove something you need, you can go back in time and un-do the changes.

Back-up your Windows OS.
Registry Power Cleaner features a powerful Windows OS back-up to best protect your registry and your PC.

Speed up your PC and improve system performance.
By removing invalid entries and broken shortcuts, Registry Power Cleaner will drastically speed up your PC.

Edit and Remove bothersome start-up programs that slow down your PC.
Easily manage start-up programs and prevent them from starting every time you turn on your PC.

Easily Un-do Registry Changes
with the built-in un-do feature. This allows you to restore your registry and un-do cleaning changes.

Set and Forget Automatic Registry Cleanings
Registry Power Cleaner makes it easy to maintain a clean registry and stable PC. Simply set Registry Power Cleaner to perform automatic cleanings. These happen in the background and require no interaction from you, which means you can just set and forget!

Fast and Powerful Scans
Registry Power Cleaner features 16 powerful deep scans to locate hard to find registry errors. By utilizing a high performance algorithm, Registry Power Cleaner is able to perform these scans in just a matter of minutes.

Custom Controls
Registry Power Cleaner lets you customize many features
  • Start-up Programs
  • Registry Scans
  • Automatic cleanings
  • And more!

Scan & Fix PC Errors Now!

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