PC Confidential 2008

How would you feel if you knew that someone could easily gain access to every website you've visited, every picture you've looked at, every video you've watched, every file you've opened and what was said in every online chat you've had?

With a little effort, this information could be available to your boss, your spouse, your kids, the government, or even a hacker trying to build a profile of you and steal your identity! Even your sensitive financial data could be at risk right now.

Why jeopardize your family, reputation, job, or identity any longer? With PC Confidential, you won't be putting your privacy at risk anymore. PC Confidential was specifically designed to protect your sensitive information and ensure that no one will be able to access what you do on your PC.

Install PC Confidential and it acts as your personal watchdog. It locates the personal information that hackers want and destroys it - every time you finish surfing the web! It utilizes multiple lines of defense to ensure your sensitive personal information will be securely removed and unavailable to anyone else.

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PC Confidential will:

Erase Your Internet History

Clear Your Personal Search History

Delete Cookies

Clear Internet Cache

Delete Temporary Internet Files

Erase Media Player History (Videos Watched)

Destroy All Online Chat Logs

Delete the Locked Index.dat File

Erase Recent Document Lists

Save Trusted Cookies

Permanently Shred Files

Erase Windows History

And Much More!

And what's more, PC Confidential will do all this automatically. You can set PC Confidential to erase history and all of your private information every time you exit your web browser. That way, if you ever have to close out of your PC in a hurry you don't have to worry about the sensitive information you may be leaving behind. All the files stored on your computer could result in a huge invasion of your privacy. You can't afford to leave this sensitive information out in the open. With PC Confidential, your privacy is secure.

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Act today and we will take $10 off the regular price of $49.95 for your instant download of PC Confidential 2008. For only $39.95, PC Confidential can provide you with the essential privacy and protection you deserve. Can you really afford to keep your family, reputation, job, or identity at risk? With PC Confidential at your side, your privacy is secure.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed:
We guarantee that PC Confidential will protect your privacy or we will give you your money back! 100% refund! If for any reason you are not satisfied with PC Confidential, just let us know within 30 days of purchase and we will refund your money.

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