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PC Theater Common Questions

Will PC Theater work on my computer?
PC Theater is designed to work on almost all computers 3 years old or newer!

Specifically, you'll need:
  • Windows Vista or XP
  • Pentium II or higher
  • DVD-ROM Drive
Buy PC Theater risk-free. If for any reason PC Theater does not work on your computer, simply return it within 30 days for a full, 100% money back guarantee.

Can I play any DVD I want?
Yes! PC Theater is designed to play any DVD you like, whether it's DVDs you rent, buy from the store or make with your camcorder.

What are parental controls?
Parental Controls are a feature of PC Theater that allow you to restrict access to certain DVDs. PC Theater will detect the DVD's rating and based on your settings, will either allow it to play or lock the movie for that user.

For example, Judith has two children, Emma who is 16 and Claire who is 8. Judith can set up the parental controls in PC Theater so that Emma can watch movies that are rated PG and PG-13, where as Claire can only watch G and PG rated movies.

A lot of parents are concerned that their children may accidentally access inappropriate DVDs. PC Theater's Parental Controls puts the control in your hands and makes it easy to restrict access.

What do I get if I purchase PC Theater?
PC Theater is more than just your standard movie player. By combining the high tech features of Dolby®, exceptional picture quality and surround sound, PC Theater delivers you a motion picture experience on your computer.

And unlike many other DVD players, PC Theater is actually easy to use. By working with your built in controls, PC Theater auto-adjusts and corrects many functions to deliver the best DVD playing experience possible. And you don't have to do a thing- most of this is done behind the scenes!

But most importantly- owning PC Theater gives you front row seats to your favorite movies and allows you to watch DVDs from your home or on the road!

With PC Theater you'll get a 100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and 1 year of FREE customer support.

How do I purchase PC Theater?
Purchasing PC Theater is easy! Simply press the Buy Now button. After filling in some basic information on our secure order form, PC Theater will be available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD

What kind of security does your shopping cart use?
We use 128-bit encryption (the highest level of security available) that is certified by VeriSign, the leader in e-commerce security. When you type in sensitive information (such as your credit card details), VeriSign's 128-bit encryption technology encodes it so that your private information stays private.

Who can I contact if I have questions?
That's simple! Just go to and submit your question. A qualified member of our customer support will get back to you with the answer!

Do you have a guarantee?
With PC Theater you'll get a 100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and 1 year of FREE customer support.

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