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PC Theater DVD Playing Software

Easy to use DVD Player:

Plays ALL DVDs – PC Theater is designed to play any DVD you like, whether it’s DVDs you rent, buy from the store or make with your camcorder.

Designed especially for your computer screen – PC Theater was specifically designed to play DVDs on computers. It uses DirectShow capability built into Windows for maximum performance and is compatible with most major brand name video cards including ATI, NVIDIA and more!

Works with your monitors picture controls (contrast, brightness, etc) – PC Theater works with your built-in picture controls - so there are no new and complicated controls to learn!

Works specifically with your video card – PC Theater identifies and works YOUR video card to deliver you the best DVD playing experience.

High definition audio:

Built in Dolby® 5.1 Digital Sound – PC Theater includes integrated Dolby® sound features, the #1 leader in audio. It delivers mono, stereo, or up to 5.1 discrete channels of surround sound for amazing, cinematic sound quality.

Surround sound – PC Theater features multiple channels of sound to produce surround sound audio.

Speaker Control – PC Theater works with your built in audio controls to deliver the best sound for your computer.

Picture Quality:

Made specifically for watching DVDs on a computer monitor – PC Theater was designed to play movies on flat panel, laptop, notebook and standard monitors.

Can play wide screen, letterbox, full screen, as well as TV screen

Automatically adjusts to your monitors picture controls (brightness, contrast, etc)

Compatible with many computer monitors – PC Theater is designed to work with a variety of different computer monitors including laptops, notebooks, flat panel, LCDs and standard (CRT)

Parental Controls:

Are you worried about your child watching an inappropriate DVD? PC Theater makes it easy by offering you controls that lock DVDs with certain ratings.

For example, Judith has two children: Emma who is 16 and Claire who is 8. Judith can set up the parental controls in PC Theater so that Emma can watch movies that are rated PG and PG-13, where as Claire can only watch G and PG rated movies.

DVD Features:

Works just like a remote control - pause, fast-forward, rewind and more! PC Theater has many of the options you see on standard DVD players, VCRs and remote controls. It’s easy to play, rewind, fast forward, pause, browse by chapter and more!

Watch by chapters – PC Theater displays DVD chapters in a convenient sidebar so that it’s easy to jump from chapter to chapter.

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