Thursday, June 4, 2020

Is your boss, spouse or someone you know spying on you?
Do you have reason to believe that someone may be watching you?

As crazy as it sounds, PC monitoring and spying happens more often than you think. It may start as a curiosity, but when a spy sees just how easy it is to access this information and the wealth of information available, it could turn into something a whole lot worse.

If you surf the Internet, send emails and have online chats—all this information is available to whoever searches for it! And oftentimes, all the spy has to do is click on one link, and they’ll be taken directly to websites, emails, chats, pictures and more.

Would you feel comfortable if:

  • Your boss
  • Your spouse
  • The government
  • Or your kids
Could see every website you’ve visited, every picture you’ve looked at, every video you’ve watched, every file you’ve opened, every online chat you’ve had and more?

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It’s a fact: Your Boss IS watching you.

According the American Management Association:

Hotmail Screenshot

  • 77.7% of major U.S. companies keep tabs on employees by checking their e-mail, Internet, phone calls, computer files, or by videotaping them at work.


  • 27% of companies say that they've fired employees for misuse of office e-mail or Internet connections, and 65% report some disciplinary measure for those offenses.

  • If you surf the Internet at work (especially inappropriate websites), your PC is collecting evidence and you could be putting your job at risk. Many companies have policies regarding viewing adult websites and sending personal emails on company time. And any evidence they find on your work PC that you have violated these policies, could be grounds to fire you.

    Don’t play Russian Roulette with your job, family or reputation
    It seems like workplace monitoring should be illegal, but it’s not.
    But it is a HUGE invasion of your privacy!

    Get the comprehensive privacy protection you need with PC Confidential,
    an ultra-secure hard drive cleaner.

    It employs an extensive two-step approach to protect your privacy:

    Step One: PC Confidential deep scans your PC to locate incriminating tracks such as which websites you visit, pictures you view, videos you watch, chats you have, emails you write, files you open and more. It even locates the hard to reach and locked index.dat files. (Note- the index.dat file contains a comprehensive record of your online activities and because of the way Windows was created, this file cannot be manually deleted.)

    Step Two: PC Confidential thoroughly destroys and shreds these tracks and other evidence. Using cutting edge technology, PC Confidential is powerful enough to destroy even the locked index.dat file.

    Working deep within your PC, PC Confidential detects and deletes even the hardest to reach sensitive files. Exclusive! In case you have to exit out of a program in a hurry, PC Confidential can be set to automatically perform these critical privacy tasks—No other programs will do this essential task! That means, no matter how much of a rush you’re in, PC Confidential will silently demolish your telling tracks, every time you log off the Internet.

    Protect your family, job and good name, with proven methods of secure disposal.

    What evidence is stored in YOUR online record?
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