Thursday, June 4, 2020

Want to see what evidence is stored on YOUR PC?
Our Free Privacy Scan will detect and locate hidden evidence on your computer including:

  • Browser History
  • Search History (Auto-Complete)
  • Browser Cache
  • Browser Cookies
  • index.dat file
  • Recent Documents List
  • Windows Temporary Files
  • Recycle Bin Contents
  • File Search History
  • Windows Explorer History
  • Windows Media Player History
  • Real Player History
  • QuickTime Player History
  • AOL Chat Logs
  • MSN Chat Logs
  • Yahoo Chat Logs
  • And more…

Free Privacy Scan

Your Customized Privacy Report will show you a detailed report of your results and accesses your risk levels.

Privacy Report Screenshot

Would you feel comfortable having someone look over your shoulder while you surf the Internet? Because that’s essentially what happens every time you boot up your computer. Long after you leave, anyone (even those with limited computer knowledge) can open your online record, click on a few links and see everything listed in your privacy report!

Why jeopardize your family, reputation or job?
Use our Free Privacy Scan to see if your PC has collected incriminating evidence about you.
Free Privacy Scan

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