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You may already know how to clear your history. But the truth is, you’re only doing ½ the job when you hit the Delete button.

In reality, your Internet History is more than just the list of sites that appears on the left hand side of your computer. That’s just ONE if the places where your Internet History can be viewed. Deep within your PC there are multiple records of your Internet history that can be easily accessed and viewed.

Performing a simple delete will just delete the references; the real files are still there stored deep inside your hard drive. And anyone with a little ambition and time can get to those files and use them to invade your privacy.

History that you CANNOT manually delete
Hidden deep in your system is the “index.dat” file, which is a database file that stores your Internet history, Internet cache and webpage cookies. This file is almost impossible to find and Microsoft has designated it as a “system file” which means it is locked and cannot be manually deleted…ever.

Internet History What would your history say about you?
Armed with Internet History files, a person can quickly build a very comprehensive profile of you as a consumer, employee and spouse.

Do you know what’s stored in your Internet History records?

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PC Confidential, an ultra-powerful Internet cleaner, makes it easy to automatically destroy multiple kinds of Internet History including:

  • Browser History – This detailed record stores a list of EVERY website you’ve ever visited. It’s easily accessible from your browser window and simply by pressing a button ANYONE can see where you’ve been browsing on the web!
  • PC Confidential makes it easy by letting you decide which website history you’d like to keep and which you’d like to delete.

  • Search History (Auto-Complete) – Auto-complete is a feature that stores a list of ANYTHING you type in a web page. Which means your name, your email, your credit card numbers, your address and your passwords could all be stored in your Auto Complete History. If a hacker were to break into your PC, this is exactly the kind of information they'd be looking for.
  • Also anyone who starts to type in a search box (such as Google or Yahoo) will get a drop-down list with EVERY search you’ve ever typed.

  • Internet Cache History – Cache is a place to store data from webpages such as pictures, text, online videos and other bits and pieces. These are all recorded onto your hard drive—whether you clicked on them or not. By simply opening this folder, anyone can see where you’ve been online, what pictures you’ve looked at, what videos you’ve watched and more!
  • PC Confidential makes it easy by letting you decide which cache history you’d like to keep and which you’d like to delete.

  • Browser Cookie History – Websites leave cookies on your PC after you visit them. These are visible “crumbs” of your online travels.
  • Cookies are helpful for things like remembering your automatic log-ins. PC Confidential makes it easy by letting you decide which cookies you’d like to keep and which you’d like to delete.

  • Files Search History – After you have searched for an item using Windows Explorer, Windows will automatically keep a record of the search. And this search history will be visible to anyone who begins a new search.
  • Windows Explorer History – When you double-click to open up a file, picture or folder using Windows Explorer, Windows is also secretly keeping a record of this action. It then stores this record in a hidden location deep in your registry. And whoever finds it will be able to see every picture, file, online video and more that you’ve ever opened!
  • Media Player History – Every song you listen to, movie trailer you watch or other media you download while on the Internet is stored and kept in a list. And when you open programs like QuickTime, Real Player or Windows Media Player, you can see a COMPLETE list of your media history.
  • Chat Log History – Every online chat you have is stored and kept in a viewable list.
  • The hard to find and locked index.dat file – This file contains a comprehensive record of your online activities. (Internet history, Internet cache and webpage cookies).
  • PC Confidential is powerful enough to destroy all traces of this file.

  • And much more…
  • Working deep within your PC, PC Confidential detects and deletes even the hardest to reach History files. Exclusive! In case you have to exit out of a program in a hurry, PC Confidential can be set to automatically perform these critical privacy tasks — No other programs will do this essential task! That means, no matter how much of a rush you’re in, PC Confidential will silently demolish your telling tracks, every time you log off the Internet.

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