Wednesday, September 23, 2020
  • Delete Browser History
  • Delete Google, Yahoo
         and MSN Search History
  • Delete Auto-Complete
  • Delete Browser Cache
  • Delete Browser Cookies
  • Delete locked index.dat
  • Delete Recent
         Documents List
  • Delete Windows
         Temporary Files
  • Empty Recycle Bin
  • Delete File Search
  • Delete Windows
         Explorer History
  • Delete Windows Media
         Player History
  • Delete Real Player
  • Delete QuickTime
         Player History
  • Delete AOL, MSN and
         Yahoo Instant
         Messenger Chat Logs
  • Classify Sites
  • Permanently Shred Files
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    "Surprisingly for such a law-happy society, there are few limits on what employers can do in the electronic age with respect to the privacy of their employees."

    - Stewart Baker, cyber-law expert, former general counsel of the U.S. National Security Agency.

    As you read this...
    Your computer is secretly recording and tracking every move you make.

    As soon as you sign on, little programs within the depths of your computer come to life and quietly start collecting all the websites, files, pictures, movie clips, emails and online chats that you view.

    Free Privacy Scan

    Simply clearing your history and deleting your cache is NOT ENOUGH!

    History These files are stored deep within your PC and many are locked and cannot be manually deleted.

    Want to see what’s stored in YOUR online record?
    Use our Free Privacy Scan to give you the answers you need.

    Do you go places online that you’d like to keep private?

    If you’re like most people, perhaps you:
    • Surf the Internet at work or send personal emails?
    • Or maybe your have online chat sessions you’d like to keep private?

    It seems like it should be illegal for companies to monitor your computer but it’s not! In fact, workplace monitoring is on the rise and evidence collected from your PC, could be grounds to fire you.

    Would you feel comfortable having your boss look over your shoulder while you surf the Internet?
    Because that’s essentially what happens every time you boot up your computer. Long after you leave, anyone (even those with limited computer knowledge) can open your online record, click on a few links and see exactly what you’ve seen!

    People Now what if...
    • Your spouse
    • The government
    • Your kids
    • Or just about anyone

    Could see every website you’ve visited, every picture you’ve looked at, every video you’ve watched, every file you’ve opened, every online chat you’ve had and more?
    Would this kind of evidence spell Big Trouble for you?

    Why jeopardize your family, reputation or job?
    Use our Free Privacy Scan to see if your PC has collected incriminating evidence about you. Free Privacy Scan

    In the past, you may have deleted your history or cleared your cache and thought that you were safe. Don’t be fooled by this false sense of security!

    In reality, all you did was delete references to those files. The actual files still remain on your PC. And it doesn’t take a computer genius to find them.

    Have you ever:

    • Performed a job search while at work?
    • Looked at pornographic websites or watched adult video clips?
    • Had a discreet online chat?
    • Created sensitive files?
    • Stored classified documents such as business plans, trade secrets, etc?
    • Peeked at files you’re not supposed to view?
    • Entered passwords, account numbers or your social security number into webpages?
    • Surfed the Internet because you were bored at work?
    • Downloaded questionable or illegal software?

    If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, your PC could be a ticking time bomb!

    There’s no need to wait for the explosion. Get the comprehensive privacy protection you need.
    PC Confidential Screenshot

    PC Confidential, one of the most powerful hard drive cleaners on the market, employs a two-step approach to protect your privacy:

    First, PC Confidential deep scans your PC to locate incriminating tracks such as which websites you visit, pictures you view, videos you watch, chats you have, emails you write, files you open and more. It even locates the hard to reach and locked index.dat files. (Note- the index.dat file contains a comprehensive record of your online activities and because of the way Windows was created, this file cannot be manually deleted.)

    Second, PC Confidential thoroughly destroys and shreds these tracks and other evidence. Using cutting edge technology, PC Confidential is powerful enough to destroy even the locked index.dat file.

    Working deep within your PC, PC Confidential detects and deletes even the hardest to reach sensitive files. Exclusive! In case you have to exit out of a program in a hurry, PC Confidential can be set to automatically perform these critical privacy tasks — No other programs will do this essential task! That means, no matter how much of a rush you’re in, PC Confidential will silently demolish your telling tracks, every time you log off the Internet.

    Powerful Privacy Protection

    Don’t let your previously deleted files come back to haunt you!

    PC Confidential was designed in accordance with the Department of Defense standards for data removal, and therefore even state-of-the-art data recovery tools such as EnCase, Computer Cop and Paraben's P2 Examination Process cannot recover files shredded by PC Confidential. Even sector analysis technology available in ultra-sophisticated $7000 programs cannot retrieve information or files shredded by PC Confidential.

    PC Confidential employs state of the art technology by using ten passes and cryptographically strong random number keys, ensuring that the data will be permanently destroyed and will not be recoverable.

    Why jeopardize your family, reputation or job?
    See what evidence your PC has stored about YOU.

    Our Free Privacy Scan will detect and locate hidden evidence on your computer. Your Customized Privacy Report will show you a detailed report of your results and accesses your risk levels.

    Find out what evidence is stored on your PC before it’s too late.
    Free Privacy Scan

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