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About Winferno:

Founded in 2002, Winferno is based in Boston, MA. We are part of Capital Intellect Inc,. Winferno's mission is to create easy-to-use yet powerful software that cleans and optimizes your PC (Registry Power Cleaner), protects your privacy (PC Confidential) and protects your identity (ID Confidential), and compresses your files (SnapZip). And we are always looking to develop new products to enhance your PC experience.

We pride ourselves on great customer service and technical support.

Registry Power Cleaner, PC Confidential and SnapZip are available in German, French, Spanish, and Dutch. Registry Power Cleaner is also available in Japanese.

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Product Support: Please visit our support page for all technical support questions.

General Information: Write to

Mailing Address:
Winferno Software
P.O. Box 51607
Boston, MA 02205

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